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As the average teen I am in love with the same brands as most, but in my opinion why should I spend £50 pound on one t-shirt instead of spending £50 on 10 things which are equally as nice? I am an online shopping girl as well, I love being able to try things on in my room instead of a horrible shop changing room. That is why I love shops like;

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H&M is one of my favourite summer shops, it has all the summer styles plus more! No matter what your taste, there is always something in H&M for you. Whether it's the basic range or one of the many other, there's always something which will catch your eye. The bright website which features all the items from the store plus more is definitely one that I recommended you should check out. 
Also, did you guys know that the H&M website lets you use two discount codes at once! Get googling bloggers to find those discounts! OR, for the easy option why not check out my next shop...

Dress- £9.99 

Shorts- £15
Pumps- £9.99 
Plimsolls- £7.99


This website is so good, especially for a bargain hunter such as myself! They don't just tell you when the sales or on, they give you codes and offers which you wouldn't otherwise know of! They even give you the top ten so you can be on top of all the deals!
I seriously recommend that you go right now and check out that website! You never know, they may have your favourite brand with huge discount!

This website will certainly not make you cry (get it, Boohoo and crying?)
The prices on this website are so low that you wonder how they make any profit! I'm not going to argue though! All of their dresses are under £40 but most are at £10 or £15! You could be turning up to every party looking glam with the amazing clothes on there!

Rhiannon Open Back Aztec Midi Dress
This dress is only £15, teamed with a pair of sandals or some heels you will be one of the best dressed anywhere!

Asos is an absolutely fantabulous shop! As is is originally online, unlike most other online shops, it is constantly updated with things with a whole range of prices and brands. It has the sale, clearance and even the name your price section which features hundreds of items from sellers which are up for offers! It actually had several toga dresses for £8 which I am about to go and snoop!
At the moment I am especially in love with Asos as they featured Primark!
Primark technically do not have their own website so the above link will take you to Asos where you should just search Primark.
 I have been saying for years that Primark need a website. I am in LOVE with primark, the deals are totally great but the only annoying thing is I do not have a primark as close to me as I would like, if I could i would be there every weekend!

But last and certainly not least

Not only is the Ebay experience fun (the adrenaline whilst bidding gives such a buzz!), I also find it more exciting then I'm meant to! Ebay is the first place I turn to now days before anywhere else because the sellers on there are all trying to compete against each other  meaning we are the ones which get the cheapest prices :) Hehehe *Evil laugh*
  I love how cheap clothing is on there as well. I do not get bothered by second hand clothing and I think people shouldn't! Not only is it a lot cheaper but its worn in! No itchy hard fabric to break in! Also, quite often it's not been worn too many times and can pass of as new if that's what you want!
The nail varnishes are also such bargains! Only used once or twice they are practically full! Most sellers only sell them because they have multiple or they don't think it's their colour- I just found a Dior nail varnish for £1.
Still in the packaging and everything! 
The makeup deals are amazing, so are the shoes and accessories as well!
If you haven't set up an ebay account I am telling, DEMANDING, that you do it now. The emails that they send are not annoying like many shops, they tell the offers and best sellers at the moment. 

Remember though whilst shopping on these websites watch out! Check to see if the seller has had bad reviews and if so, read through to check that it won't mess up your order or I'll feel responsible!

They are my top sites for saving money on fashion!
Let me know what you think, do you use any of these websites often?

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  1. Thanks for the fashion voucher website I'm gonna use it a lot! My favoutite online shop is Asos & Boohoo too! & use ebay!!!! I loved this post - you should do some more like this

    anna xxx

  2. very cute and detailed post! i got a few things from and there great! :D and ebays great too! i love your blog and this post!
    (my new cooking/diy/craft/fashion/photography blog, could you please follow? :) ) xx

  3. Hi cutie! Great post, and thank you for visiting my blog! And I'm glad you like it ;) And I'd be glad to do a button swap with you! :)



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