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How to: Shine bright like a diamond

How to:
Shine Bright like a Diamond
Summer is coming to an end, the daylight is slowly becoming shorter, the tourists have gone home and the hours and hours at the park have slowly diminished. We know what this means… Back to School!! This doesn’t mean the fun has to stop, it only means you have to prepare to head back to class and look great doing it! The first day can be a little scary, especially as a year seven but even if you have all the confidence or don’t, I’m here to guide you into the wonderful world where you can shine bright like a diamond!
2-3 weeks Before the First Day
 Preparing to look your best for the first day shouldn’t take you too long and should also be fun! Invite your mom or friends to take a spa day with you to celebrate the end of summer and the treatments will certainly make your skin actually GLOW your first day of school.
****The first step is to drink enough water, yes, 8 glasses each day! I know, you’ve heard it a million times but drinking enough water is the most significant and simplest thing you can do to improve your complexion.
Acne: This is our first stop for glowing skin, whether you have mild or severe acne, it is always important to have clear skin so your gorgeous face is not hiding behind make up or a brown paper bag. A great way to eliminate acne fast is laser acne treatment which can be performed at any spa. The Acleara Acne Clearing System is only one type of quick, painless, no downtime, acne clearing treatments that have great results. A medical spa near you will be able to consult with you which treatment is best for your skin. However, depending on the severity, it can take a series of treatments spaced one week apart to see full results.
Facials: Pamper yourself! Facials, microdermabrasion and chemical peels have been sought out for many years for their effectiveness, ease of application, and GLOWING skin. Many spas have combination packages at a more cost-effective price so you don’t have to jip on any treatments that will make you look amazing. Chemical peels and facials are applied as a cooling gel mask; these masks fight acne, unclog pores, reduce oil, diminish inflammation, and relieve congestion of oil skin. Microdermabrasion is the one true exfoliator, most product scrubs only attempt at the top layers of the skin while microdermabrasion seeks to exfoliate sun-damaged skin resulting in a natural radiance.
Hair removal: Especially for girls in sports and cheerleading, shaving everyday can be such a drag. For those who are tired of tweezing or shaving, waxing is one great way to temporarily remove hair and can be done at any spa. Another great method is laser hair removal because it is virtually painless, unlike waxing. Laser hair removal treatments can take from less than one minute in a small area to up to 2 hours in a very large area. Laser hair removal is also non-invasive and also permanently. Generally, several treatments will be required but you can see a 50% reduction in hair growth just after one treatment.
The Day Before
Your skin is perfectly clear, glowing from the facial, and your legs hair-free ready for that cute new skirt you bought; you are practically ready. Now is the time to mentally prepare yourself for ultimate confidence in your beauty and your stride.
Prepare for Tomorrow: The day before school is what I call the “Preventative day” where you get absolutely everything you need for school organized to prevent any frustration in the morning. This means, get tomorrows outfit laid out and get all of your school supplies together so even though you may be running a little late out of the shower, you already have everything packed and ready. Go you!
Eat a good breakfast: Eating a delicious and healthy breakfast like a bagel and fruit or a yogurt with fruit will keep you going on your first day while meeting new and old friends!
Coordinate with your friends: Before you first day, it might be beneficial to pre-coordinate with your friends on where to meet in the morning, what classes you may have together, or where you will sit at lunch. This simple step will eliminate any awkwardness you may feel during the day.
The First Day
You’re all set! Got your make up on, your best clothes, all your gear, had your breakfast, brushed your teeth and now you’re ready to enter those halls like you own them.
You Go Girl!

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