Autumn leaves falling down like pieces into place


I have an inset day today (WHOOP WHOOP) so instead of doing my homework like I should be, I thought I'd share with you my favourites for this month.

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I am loving The Body Shop's hair mask. Not only does it smell great, it leaves a shine on your hair which is so difficult to get when the cold dries it out. Its really simple to use and is a really good price at £3. I come mine through so its evenly spread and there are no bumps before leaving it on for about 7 minutes. Its then simple to wash out.


Moisturizer is so important in the cold months as your skin will get drier from the weather. My favorite moisturizer is Aveeno. It isn't too thick so when you use it your face doesn't feel sticky, just super soft. Its also good for those who might have had eczema to soothe your skin or even if you have a slight rash, it cools it down so much.

I bought this sleek BB cream a while back but was never really fond of it. I tried it out before buying it and it seemed like it was my colour but when I applied it to my face it was way too dark. So what I did was use an old Vaseline tin and put some of the BB cream in there and added some moisturizer to it. Now its great to use.

This mascara is great because it makes your lashes look good without clumping or making them stick together. Its also got a great brush which means its easy to make all your lashes stand out, just not the middle ones. Its also easy to get the bottom lashes which makes your eyes look wider.

I bought this back in the summer when I was at summer camp with my friends. Its really good because depending on your complexion or occasion you can use either the dark or the lighter end on your bottom lid.
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With winter comes chapped lips but other than Vaseline I think this lip gloss is great to keep your lips looking good. It has a real gloss to it without being glittery so its appropriate for school and any other time without looking too much. My fav is from MUA and is a bargain for just £2.

These are my Autumn favourites, have you tried any?

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