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March Favorites
I have had the most hectic of months ever, between school, Taylor Swift concerts and general life so my blog really has suffered so I decided to start it up again with my favourite type of post- a favourite post. 

ITEM; Body Spray
BRAND; Victoria Secret
PRICE; £8.49 (Amazon price- a lot more expensive in store I believe)

Ohmygawd this stuff smells like heaven should. It has this strong vanillary scent with a tiny undertone of coconut and it is lush. The sad thing is that I don't actually own it, it's my friend Shannon's and she lends it to me everyday- but it is so good it had to be featured. It is quite well priced for a branded spray if you compare it to Gilly Hicks and Hollister but it is so worth it as it's better then the Hollister spray by far.

ITEM; Mom Jeans
BRAND; New Look
PRICE; £22
When I first saw mom jeans I was like ew, these jeans are grim and will not suit anyone. I can gladly say I eat my words. Especially if you have hips or a bum these jeans will look good on you. They make your legs look so long and give you a good shape but it is difficult to find a tshirt to wear with them so remember to to try different combinations to find what you think looks best.

ITEM; Cardigan
BRAND; Urban outfitters
PRICE; £20 (sale price)
I originally bought this cute pinafore which actually turned out to be gross so I swapped it for this chunky knit cardi. It is so comfy and looks good thrown over jeans or leggings and a plain tshirt. I really love it with some DMs as well to give it a different look.

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  1. Hello! Lovely post, your blog is fab, I have followed you on bloglovin :) I was wondering if you would like to swap buttons with me?
    Jessica Elizabeth | Sherbet Lemons and Lipsticks

  2. Victoria secrets body mists are amazing, btw love you peach jumper with white colour, love wearing for spring, follow for a follow ? Xx

  3. Love the jeans!!


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