OOTD // *Summer In The City*


 The sun came out so the legs came out. The minute I saw the sun from my window I knew I couldn't live in jeans and leggings any longer so I pulled out my newest Primark purchase- watermelon shorts. I think it's meant to look like a skort as it's got these kind of cute scalloped edges but I've decided they're adorable shorts. I wore just a plain black long sleeve top with the sleeves rolled a little bit and red lipstick to match the red on the shorts. My bag is a 'vintage camera bag' which is nor vintage nor a camera bag- it's just an awesome bag my grandma bought me 3 years ago but it looks cute so I can't judge.
I changed my blog theme again, tweet me what you think.
P.s shout out to my babe who took photos for me- you're a cool gal Joni.

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  1. Very lovely, hope you had a nice day. I nominated you for a very inspiring blogger award http://sherbetlemonsandlipsticks.blogspot.co.uk/2014/03/very-inspiring-blogger-award.html :D xx

  2. im so glad i finally discovered your blog after continuously stumbling across your name on twitter, on other blogs etc etc. Yes, your blog lives up to my high expectations. Definitely worth the hype! I love the sweet design, your preppy cute style and your friendly and comedic style of writing. Much more interesting to browse than a lot of blogs:) i love your bag and shorts!
    it would be amazing if you replied to this comment as im just so in love with your blog right now! i just cant believe i never clicked on your link before!


    1. Thank you so much B, i'll email you :) xxxxxxxx

  3. oh i am completly in love with your shorts! i'm the biggest fan of watermelon, i need them !!! xx


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