Tuesday, 8 April 2014

PHOTOSHOOT // No tears for the creatures of the night

 On the way back from a blogger meetup Joni and I decided to stop and take photos on this old abandoned farm thing. It was really pretty and was in a square in the middle of the road so we couldn't resist. Armed with just an iphone and our shopping bags we really have much to use but the pictures came out quite well.
Joni was wearing black velvet leggings, her floral bomber, a pink crop top and her floral platform trainers. And lets not forget the a m a z i n g inflatable bag.
I was in my my little pony top, a purple skirt, black tights and my white platform trainers (which make me 6 foot tall lol)
I had my small square vintage camera bag with me just to carry my purse and phone and my shopping bag from Rokit in Covent Garden as i had just picked up a really cute denim pinafore. I might shorten it though and add a lace trim to the bottom because I think that would be really adorable.


  1. i love your outfit and you blog is so cute!

    anna xx


  2. Hello I've nominated you for the Versatile Blogger & Very Inspiring Blogger Award. I hope you can do it because I absolutely adore your blog!


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