Ebay cheats


I have always been a savy shopper, unless it was my mums money, so I have had to find ways to avoid the extortionate prices in which everything seems to be. Ebay is a lifesaver so here are a few of my best finds;

Left; £6.99, EBAY
Right; £46, American Apparel 

This may possibly be my best find of yet, these skirts are exactly like the £50 pound ones from American Apparel so even if the quality of it does not quite match up you could afford to buy about 7 of them for the price of one American Apparel one. Unfortunately I will not be purchasing this as it is too small for me, their biggest size being a ten, but I can't let that stop you from buying this!

Left; £5.49 EBAY
Right; £16.75 FOREVER 21
I will defo be buying this as I love the print, sunflowers are my favourite, and the bottom of the legs. Considering how perfect this would be for summer it is so cheap and perfect for a summer cover up. It has plenty of sizes and the reviews seem okay so I shall be rocking this somepoint this summer.


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  1. I love saving money but,for some reason, my mum won't get eBay so I feel like I'm greatly missing out. Do you shop in charity shops and car boot sales? If not you should because,although you have to look around a bit, you can make amazing savings on one-of-a-kind-pieces xxx


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