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Hi my loves,
Seeing as I am possibly the most inactive blogger ever, my friend Joni and I made a blogging schedule so I will be posting every Sunday as part of my Sunday Summer Series (wow, I know) so expect to see me around a little more.
To start off my Sunday Summer Series I decided to do a book review as I have recently started my Summer Book Club,head to the link for a look.
I don't want to be lonely doing this though so if you do want to join in email, comment below or tweet me. I will then send you a list of the posts, (which is currently including a hair tutorial, outfit and wish list) I will be doing and the date the post will come out. It lasts from today to the last Sunday of August.
Also to celebrate my sudden blogging, Summer Series, 150 blog followers and 10,000 page views I have decided to run a giveaway which will finish at the end of my series. You can join in my next post and the link will be scattered around the place on my blog and twitter.
The prizes will include a pack of Invisibobbles, a Yankee Candle, a bar of my favourite chocolate, a face pack, a Soap and Glory body butter as well as a scrunchie which I made myself.

I decided to start my series with a book review of The Sky Is Everywhere by Jandy Nelson.

The Sky Is Everywhere is possibly one of the most beautiful books I have ever had the fortune to read. 
On first appearance, the hardback version of this book simply looks like a good worn out diary, filled with notes and doodles. Then, you meet the main character, a girl grieving for her deceased older sister, and it just tears your heart out as you can really feel and relate to her pain so much.

Also, I'm not sure about the other editions, but the copy I have has the most gorgeous cover along with notes from the main character throughout the book, which makes you feel so much closer to her as you find out more and more about her feelings.
It's the type of love story which has you tearing your hair out at some parts and sobbing hysterically (both happy and sad) at other parts just at the simple thought that one day this could happen to you.
I recommended this book to all my friends and I know most of them enjoyed this as much as I did, it was a really fabulous book and made me feel things I never knew a book could. 
I still find my mind drifting off to thinking about it which is why i give it a 5/5. It's a good summer book with a cute plot and well structured story. 

Now remember if you're interested in joining my series email me (it's in my description) and my giveaway shall be up in a week or so, so I hope you're ready!

And in the words of Billy Ray Cyrus, 
Y'all come back now- ya' hear?

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