Summer series- the perks of being a wallflower by Stephan Chbooksy


This is a book i was very excited to read and it did not disappoint. The 'coming of age' story is definitely told with a twist, from the point of view of an awkward and abused boy named Charlie and throughout a series of letters to a 'friend.' You learn so much about his growing up and the struggles he faced of being the youngest in a family of athletes and popular children.

I'm unsure of how other people interpreted the book but to me I felt like it was telling us that we can't live our lives being 'wallflowers' who watch as other people make history and that eventually we will be someone. Living through people isn't what humans were designed for and Charlie definitely did that until he met the people who would change his world and teach him so much.

I found this book a great summer read as it is not too big but is beautifully elicited, I found myself once again crying at the end. The story tells of how we all dream our teenage years to be, eternal and full of the craziest and most insignificant memories which still mean the world to us individually.
What are your views?

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  1. I read this a couple weeks ago and totally agree, it makes you think and reflect on Charlie's life and sympathise with him. You learn a lot from it and I found it to be really engaging and moving, great post- I really want to read the sky is everywhere after your last post! xx


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