Sunday Summer Series OOTD // I Got That Summertime Sadness


Hello again,
Summer so far has been so full that reuniting with my school friends today felt like a breath of fresh air. My hectic and frantic schedule over the past 5 weeks has now crawled to a halt, leaving me to reconnect with things I love. This week has included two cinema trips, a visit to Wagamama and a trip to Bricklane.
So far I have possibly had one of the best summers to date with whimsical activities such as swimming in a lake with my friends, an awful lot of shopping and a trip caving down one of the Welsh slate mines.
I just w i s h my summer continues in this level of fabulousness it is currently at.
Lots of love

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  1. Those trousers look so nice on you! Where are they from?

    I'm loving your blog right now :)


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