Sunday Summer Series // We Were Liars


We were liars is a beautiful and gripping book by E. Lockhart about a family of rich people and their summers on their private island. I love a good book about how the other half live and this book did not let me down.

I was recommended this book by my friend Joni (ew) as a summer book which is alluringly written from the point of view of one of the teenagers of the Sinclair family with her friends and they call themselves The Liars.
The speaker has been in an accident and has amnesia so strong she cannot actually remember what happens and the main point is trying to find out what it was.
I find something so consuming about overly rich people, Made In Chelsea, Rich Kids Of Beverly Hills and Gossip Girl just fueling my addiction more so I enjoyed how pretentious most of the characters are.
When I reached the end of the book and I pieced the story back together in my head I found it fustrating how there were no concequences or seeing what happens after so I did wish it was about a chapter longer.
I found some parts of the book excessive and one dimensional, written purely to flatter the writers own ego and skills. There's one part which is so confusing all due to an overly exaggerated metaphor which is way too realistic to use in a realistic story and Joni had to explain to me that it was not real and the main character had not been shot in her chest by her father on their front lawn. And this was on the second page.

However on a whole the book is well crafted with excellent twists and turns throughout with a jaw dropping conclusion. 'We Were Liars' takes unexpected turns and when it reaches the climax it's thrilling and gripping.
I was definitely jaw dropped and I recommend it to you as an easy summer read.

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  1. A lot of bloggers have been reading this, gotta check it out too :)



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