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Summer Sum up

I think it's okay for us all to admit that we're in a slump after the end of our summer holidays. Gone are the days of relaxing in the sun and spending unholy amounts of money on Starbucks frappuccinos or Wagamamas. Instead of wearing my favourite high waisted shorts I will be trading them in for leggings and snuggly jumpers with Doc Martens and I'm okay with that. Bring on the winter coats and Costa hot chocolates and evenings no longer spent in the setting sun and instead in the bath with my Lush bath bombs.
As a form of acceptance, this is my final goodbye to summer, at least until it hits me that I will not get to wear my favourite shorts for 7 months. To sum my summer up I've started my own mini tag to tell you how great my summer was, so This Summer I... 

This Summer I Visited: France and Spain with my wonderful family. Driving to Spain was less than ideal however it meant that I got to visit the Eiffel Tower which I have been begging my family to take me to f o r e v e r so that was amazing. In Spain my hotel was beautiful. It had its own private beach and we had the penthouse suite so we had a balcony perfect for evenings when we were drunk on sunshine. I swam in the sea most days and had my hair braided in town and it was all over too quickly.
I also went camping with some of my best friends for 10 days which was so fun. I even climbed a mountain which was hell at the time but looking back it is an amazing thing to be able to tell people. I have so many stories and about 27 scars which weren't there before camp and a new crush *sigh* but it was one of the best things I have ever done. We had bonfires where we stayed up until 4am and went swimming in lakes before having crazy parties which made my feet hurt more than the mountain climbing.
I also visited the V&A which was really great as I wanted to go there for so long. There was this fabulous exhibition which has been stuck in my mind ever since I saw it. It was about how any object can be used as an object of destruction. There was so much about protesting that for a moment I got all emotional and deep and then it ended but it was there! They also showed an article where a group changed the voices in Barbie dolls to make them say things about feminism and that is so great.

This Summer I Wore: a variety of crop tops and high waisted everything so nothing unusual. I have an affinity for any outfit which sticks to this. This summer I am loving my funky trousers and cropped vest combo which is as comfy as wearing pyjamas all day so I loved that very much. I also wore my hair down a lot more this summer which helps now that it is a little bit longer. I also wore tons of eyeliner and nude lipstick because i'm all about eyes in the summer.
I also wore this really fabulous over sized hat to make myself look mysterious to any hot rich foreign boys which were lurking around my hotel. Unfortunately, no one proposed to me so I'm still to poor to own the entire contents of Topshop but I pinkie promise one day that will change.

This Summer I Listened to: a crazy amount of 60's/70's/80's music including Van Morrison, The Four Seasons, Squeeze, The Smiths, Elvis, Blue Suede but mainly Fleetwood Mac. I love the hypnotically calming vibe that it gave me when we were driving along in the car, the windows down and my sunglasses on as I waited hesitantly for my holiday to begin. Whether this is just in England or driving to Spain it has the same effect and makes me smile. If you want to listen to my favourite song just look at the music bar above to listen to 'Dreams' which is by far my fav.

This Summer I Wanted: to be cool but that never happened.
I also want a Michael Kors watch and I might get one for Christmas as well as a Louis Vuitton shopper. I really wanted my cartilage pierced as well but my mums being mean so.

This Summer I Hated: the fact that I didn't take even more photos. No matter how many hundreds I took i always wish I took more to document the great time I had.

This Summer I Loved: how everything was so easy and my hardest thoughts were what I wanted for lunch. I also loved how much I realised I missed my friends and the excitement of seeing everyone again after summer to exchange anecdotes and banter filled stories about foreign lands I can only imagine.

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This summer I visited
This summer I wore
This summer I listened to
This summer I wanted
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This summer I loved

If your summer was half as great as mine then you had a brill time and well done.
A* for you

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