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The beginning of October so far has been eventful however I feel like I'm in a rut. With 3 controlled assessments which I am balancing this week it's nice to look back and appreciate the fun I've had from the end of September to now. At the end of September, my friends and I went to go and see the 1975 at Alexandria Palace. It's a really good venue as its quite intimate and there's no room for a lot of production, just really great singing. The crowd was brilliant and people danced and we sung and there was an impromptu mosh pit.

The 1975

Today my parents and I went to Westfield in White City. I have recently been lusting on Topshops Hayden Jeans but unfortunately that wasn't to be, disappointment is an understatement. However my lovely parents did buy me DM shoes which are just lush and I am wearing them as I sit and write this post.
My top is from Asos (it came in a two pack) and I got them in summer even though they're high necked and long sleeved because otherwise I knew they might not be there. My jacket is Primark and my jeans, which I literally live in are from New Look, they're so comfortable I literally can't even describe it. Finally my shoes are New Balance but I got them from Urban Outfitters a little while back.

On Thursday my friends and I went on a school trip to see 'To Kill A Mockingbird' at the New Victoria Theatre in Woking. Both our coats are from Primark, the best bargain of my year so far! My jumper is also Primark, my bag is H&M. Joni's jeans are AA and her shoes are Vans. The play was absolutely brilliant and the child actors were so good at the end I did get teary. Just the way the set was done was mind blowingly brilliant.

 I've also been attempting to embrace Autumn a little bit more then before. Tights, coats and hats are now my most needed item for this season, and most likely the next. 

Sorry for the randomness of this post, I pinky swear I'll actually start posting more.

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  1. I love this post its so cute, your outfits are on point! :)

    anna xx

  2. I love the 1975, it sounds like you had a brilliant time! I also studied To Kill A Mockingbird in school and it's one of my favourite plays/books still to this day. All your outfits are fab here, too!

    Sammy xo.


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