Saturday, 25 October 2014

You're everything that I see

Recently I've been finding myself dreaming a lot more than usual. Whether this is because I have been forced to think more about the future by my school, due to sixth form open evenings starting soon, or the fact that this dreary weather has people acting weird. The past week or so just seems to have been one filled with anger, stress and general unhappiness throughout the entire school- which is weird seeing as this week was an okay one. Even the year sevens had an argument over another year seven, like really? You're 12.
Obviously I'm no trained psychiatrist but I blame it on the introductions of the cold winds this year something was in the air- and thankfully it wasn't ebola.

Maybe all this pent up anger was just looking forward to the half term which I am now enjoying. It has no comparison to summer, obviously, but I am enjoying getting to reunite myself with the clothes which I had pushed to the back of my wardrobe last march (when I declared it was spring.)

Anyways, I decided to make this post an inspiration post, because I think that we all need it to get through the weather transition!


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  1. Cute post :)

    anna xx


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