Saturday, 1 November 2014

Where you been?

From left to right; Topshop, Newlook,, Adidas, Bobbi Brown, Bonadrag,com

Oddly I seem to wear more skirts in autumn then I do in summer. I think that in summer I live in shorts so when the weather is getting a little bit nipier than I love a skirt with a long sleeved top and a jacket, like the Urban Outfitters Harrington which i live in. As autumn is all about layering I really want a halterneck black top to wear with skinny jeans and boots as they are so cute and a lot better than just wearing a regular vest. 
The gold eyeshadow is my guilty pleasure. Glitter is the best thing e v e r so I really want a nice glitter eyeshadow- especially for parties. This Bobbi Brown one is quite hyped so hopefully I'll get it before the christmas parties start! 

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  1. I love the shoes and all the skirts. great post

    anna xx


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