Monday, 16 February 2015

R3tro crap

Hello my loves, 

To be frank, fashion wise my life is not going as well as I would like it to. I feel a bit basic recently, repressing my outfits which crave any effort and sticking for all black / dark ensembles which reflect my current mood. I pinkie promise to the fashion gods that I will get my life back on track and maybe start wearing my normal clothes again instead of the accidental goth phase I seem to be going for recently.

With February flying past I am feeling better about the world. With my year 11 exams slowly approaching I am definitely planning on making the most of this half term because any fun I have in Easter will feature the overhanging cloud of pressure to revise. This includes me doing more then just vegetating and online shopping, I plan to get out and visit the things I want to do. This week I am tackling to the Tate Modern (and take blog pictures) to feel arty and cultured (my two life aims.)

Saturday the 28th is the ever occurring London Fashion Week so I will be here to give you the full view behind the scenes of Somerset House, I'm really good at espionage so keep your eye out for my post (most likely on Sunday the 29th but don't hold me to it!)

Lots of love,
Lydia James

Current things on my mind include;
-why do birds fly south for winter
-what happens in our minds when we sleep
-do dogs ever cry

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  1. luvvvvv the skirt x


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