An End of Term Reflection


Hello all,

This week marks the official end of my first term at Nottingham Trent University on my Fashion Communication and Promotion (FCP) course. Experience-wise, it has definitely been the best few months of my life. My flat are amazing and so is Nottingham, we all have such a laugh and everyday is so much fun. Since starting this past September, Nottingham Trent have been recognised by the Times as the university of the year. Course wise, I have been so interested by the topics and feel like every task has been so interesting. I thought I would do a short reflection on all the tasks we have done so far so that FCP as a course can be understood better.

The Term Overview

We began with the starting task to do a short photoshoot on a colour, mine was gold as seen in several previous posts. Instantly, this task signified to me that the course was perfect for me as I am particularly interested in fashion photography. In addition, because we worked in pairs for this I made a friend on the course from the beginning who I still spend a lot of time with now.
We then started a long term project which would give us an overview of the 'FCP Creative Process' which included 4 steps:

1. Context- behind the ideas, the history, primary/secondary research
2. Ideas- the basic thoughts, idea generation, selecting ideas, how to communicate to consumer
3. Concepts- analysis and development, consumer, visuals, is it feasable?
4. Outcomes- plan, making and delivering

The first stage of this was the Context stage and a group project to analyse a trend and create 3 mood boards the trends history, those who wear it and how shops are exploring it. For this task we worked in a large group of 9 and then presented our mood boards to the class by analysing them. This was a really insightful task, we looked at rebellion through the eras and saw how it had changed and been influenced by the political climates.

This larger group was then halved for our next task, the idea stage. We had to use our trend and see how we could put that into a shop and create an event for them. We were given Harrods as a shop and we planned a scavenger hunt across London that would cause chaos in the streets. This was then  put into a powerpoint and we presented it to the class. The making of the presentation was also a lesson for all of us on how to create an aseptically pleasing presentation using Power Point.

The next 2 week task would lead to our first essay, in the Concepts stage of the process we were given an image to do a visual analysis on. This image related to the trend story we had been looking at before hand, for me rebellion. After the hand-in of this, we were put back into our groups and analysed a magazine editorial to find keywords and messages from it. This keywords would carry onto our Outcomes stage. We got to use the Vogue archives that our library have for this part of the task, every issue of Vogue is represented and we had January 2006.

For the final 2 weeks of term and the last steps of the FCP creative process, the group would be using the keywords to carry out a photoshoot of our own. We had complete creative reign but however were told that we needed to introduce a piece of jewellery into the shoot. It was so cool to see our creative ideas come into fruition through the shoot. We then edited our work on photoshop and exhibited our work for the class.

For anyone doing their UCAS currently and if in doubt about the Fashion Communication and Promotion course here at Nottingham Trent I would definitely recommend it! I'm unsure what next term has to bring but am looking forward to starting it off with our New York trip!

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Thank you so much