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Hello all,

Since the start of the new term and getting settled back into Nottingham Trent, I realised just how much I loved it here and also just how different it was to any prior ideas I had about university. I wanted to share some things that have helped me/hindered me or others wince being here.

1. Flatmates are everything

I am overwhelmingly grateful for how well my flat get along. We started messaging as soon as we knew our accommodation back in March which I think definitely eases the initial meetings as we didn't need to introduce ourselves and we knew a bit about each others background.
From the first night of freshers, I knew my flat would get along great as we spoke without any awkwardness or judgement. I love them all so much now and we have had no arguments.
I think flatmates are so important because no matter what people are like on your course, you get to come home to a flat full of great friends to listen to your issues. In addition, it means that any friends we make outside the flat can come into the flat and get on with everyone rather than just you.
It also makes it much easier when you need to start looking for somewhere to live in the second year, as you instantly have a selection of people that you could live with.

2. Make sure you know exactly what your course involves!

I am extremely pleased with my course, as I have posted about before, but I know many people who feel as if they made a wrong choice on their course. I think that this is because they never looked into every course module that they would be taking and never properly read into past students experiences or issues with the course. For example, many of my friends were surprised at the amount of maths in their science courses or disliked an era they had to learn about in their history. All this information is available beforehand so make sure to read it!

3. Not everyone will be 'your sort' of person

I think this is something that I find and continue to find very difficult. At university, people have come from all walks of life and are all used to very different environments. I have been very fortunate coming from where I live in terms of the diversity I saw at home, however many people may have not met those from other religions, races or circles. I think that it is important to not judge too quickly and to differentiate between lack of knowledge and prejudice.
I have definitely heard a few phrases out of peoples mouths that have disgusted and shocked me due to the prejudice in their tone but I have also had the opportunities to learn from and educate others too.
In addition, I have found this on my course, there are so many people that it is obvious that you can't get on with everyone. It just doesn't happen.
Find your people, find people that are going to support and encourage you! You may even be surprised about who these people are but try speaking to everyone and you will  always find them.
That is one of the reasons that University is so educational, I have learned so much about other people and about myself in the few months that I have been here.

4. Take time for yourself

I learnt this one the hard way in freshers. Due to my fear of missing out on a good time and wanting to constantly bond with my flatmates, I went out for 9 nights in a row for freshers. This 9 nights ruined me. Like genuinely I became a broken person. I hadn't slept well and this started to take a toll mentally as my anxiety sky rocketed and my emotions were all over the place.
Even now, sometimes I have to force myself to take a step back and spend some time alone in my room watching a good show and doing a face mask. This time alone can greatly help you.
Remember on the other hand though to not spend too much time alone either, this I think is just as damaging as we need to be social. Make sure to talk out your issues, have meaningless chats with friends but spend some time alone and make sure you are feeling well mentally and physically.

I hoped this helped anyone who has had any university nerves!

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Thank you so much