My Summative Brief Experience


Just before we split up for Christmas, we were set our first ever Summative project. This was our first completely solo project wherein we had to go off and work on our own during the christmas break. The brief was to create an indesign document with certain requirements, including a section on context, ideas, concepts and a final outcome all combining the trend, Techno Futuristic, the brand, Cath Kinston, and the outcome, Lens. I'm not going to lie, I really loathed the combination I received. It seemed the hardest and not in a 'fun challenge' way, it felt as if I was already trapped by how precise and unlikeable Cath Kinston come across as a brand.

Once I began working on the project however, I did think that my combination was not as impossible as it once came across. I used my sketchbook to document the majority of my research, analysing and looking into each component I was given to try and find the 'cutting edge' idea that would set my idea apart from the majority. I'm not sure how well I actually did on this, but I did manage to create a final outcome that I was pleased with.

As for the Indesign, I struggled. I downloaded the software about a week and a half before the project was due, the student budget doesn't really allow you to splash out on it, which meant I was in a rush to learn it enough to create an aesthetically pleasing document. I am so grateful for my friend, big love to Danielle, for helping to create my front page and giving me a brief tour of the software, this really gave me the kickstart to enjoy creating this document instead of just crying and attempting to work out its features. I was very pleased with the final design, although I do wish I centred the document rather than leaving an excessive amount of the room for the binding. These are a few pages from the final designed document I handed it. They are randomly chosen so it is not seamless however the document wasn't flawless, for a first time try I am proud of what I created.



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