First Professional Photoshoot Experience


This week my group and I had the opportunity to work with a professional photographer to create some outcomes for us to present in our final presentation. We were booked into the studio for around an hour and able to do whatever we wanted in this time.

The first step was the planning.
As our brand is based on streetwear and the urban environment a studio photoshoot did not appeal to us at first. We took a long time looking at inspiration and visuals used in skate magazines before we could create a plan that appealed to us. It was based on the idea of creating an urban environment inside our studio so we printed out large A3 images of urban cities, from Seoul to Tokyo to London to Paris to Moscow to NYC. We collaged them by hand to create a backdrop that we were really proud of. We only ended up using it a couple of times bu
To find the models we really thought about our brand and what we believed in. It was about acceptance, it was about being carefree and comfortable as well as being an on the go person. We decided to ask 3 models, Steph, Ben and Louis who were all kind enough to say yes.

We were all nervous for the shoot itself, unsure of what to expect and how it would go but once we were in the room we were too time conscious to be worried. We used our time well, getting a great amount of images that ranged from solo to group shots. At the moment we just have the raw images however we are going to work to fit these into our outcomes that we will develop soon.
All in all, we were pleased with the images and it was a great opportunity to practice some creative direction we could use later in life.

My favourite Images:

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Thank you so much