One Year In: My Experience at Nottingham Trent University


Nottingham Trent.
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Today marks the final day of my first year of university and my first year finished studying Fashion Communications and promotion at Nottingham Trent University. Although I am relieved that my final project is complete and handed in I am much more upset than I thought I would be.

This date means the end of living in uni halls with my lovely lovely flatmates, the end of working with some great people who are changing courses, or leaving, and the end of being able to call myself a 'fresher.' The social side of life at Trent is undefeated by any other place and the people here are cheery even for a 9am lecture, can't relate but it is lovely to see.

My course, Fashion Communication and Promotion, has been amazing too. There have been some hard times, some over-dramatic threats to drop out of uni, but mainly some really inspiring moments that have really got me excited to work in the industry in my adult life. Our projects have been challenging, with many late nights, but I have learnt all new skills, software and tech over the year. The group projects have been mentally draining but no matter the group we have produced some work I am really proud of every single time.

I have such such love for Trent, I could have cried when I saw how much we have moved up the Guardian League tables (especially when I saw we were about Uni Of Notts!)

I can't wait for second year so we can do it all again.

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