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I had what most people would call an epiphany today. That at 15 I am an adolescent, something which is such an in between stage of life that it has its own name which is never used. I know that you're probably thinking, you've been a teenager since 13, why have you suddenly realised this? Well, I think that I've just felt like I have been acting like a teenager more recently and I don't mean that in the 'following the crowd' or 'being like the older kids.' I mean it in the way of independence way.  I'm not 100% sure how to even phrase it, but from my group trips to Starbucks to full on arranged parties I've been really happy recently and I'm, glad that I'm able to say that.

I decided to wear a skirt on Saturday which I've had since the end of summer now however I have only worn it twice, including today. I was planning on getting a similar skirt from Brick Lane, looking around everywhere for a short A line skirt, however in the end I got it from Primark when I was there shopping for tights and I'm glad I did seeing as it hasn't had many outings. I paired my tapestry skirt with a high neck, long sleeved black top which is slightly cropped, as well as some tights and my black Doc Marten shoes which I have been living it recently. My coat is also from Primark, seeing as a similar one from Topshop costs £70, I'm ecstatic with it.

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In my snaztastic outfit I went to see the new Damien Hirst exhibition, named Schizophrenogenesis, just next to the British museum on Museum Street. The gallery was a lot smaller than I had expected, no bigger than a room, but it was really cool with over sized tablets and medicine bottles and their packaging. If youre into art you should definitely go whilst it's still on. And it's free, if that helps.

Adolescent / adjective
(of a young person) in the process of developing from a child into an adult. 
E.g "many parents find it hard to understand their adolescent children"

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