MOMA Exhibition: Is Fashion Modern?


Whilst in New York we knew we definitely wanted to visit the MOMA (Museum of Modern Art) and it was great timing as they had an exhibition on which fitted amazingly with my given summative brief on Techno Futuristic as it questioned the modernity over common fashion trends.

A Champion Hoodie, 1980

The Hoodie is seen as a pretty modern form of clothing, seen mostly attached to youth generations and associated with 'thug' countercultures and almost seen as on object of fear by older generations. I was very surprised to hear that the modern hoodie was developed in the 1930s by the Sportswear company Champion to be worn by athletes in training. This only became popularised in the mid 1970s when it became an item of fashion rather than just a useful piece of clothing.

A Turtle Neck Sweatshirt

Contemporary designer Hana Tajima stated that the turtleneck both 'undermines and redifines' groups and individual. She uses the words 'anti-uniform' that suits those who prefer to dress modestly whilst also still being a slight rejection to formal wear such as the shirt. The item is often viewed as an act of rebellion and can be seen as catalyst of change.

Image result for stella mccartney bolt threads
The Vegan Silk Dress, Stella McCartney & Bolt Threads

The exhibition also featured this wall of shift dresses, as first they appeared as the normal retro style dress however they all have very interesting defining features. For example, one of the dresses was designed by Bolt Threads and Stella McCartney, it was inspired by 'the beauty and durabitily of the spider's web.' The collaboration also advocated animal and environmental rights as the Spider Silk was manmade, so no animals were harmed in the process. 

The exhibition was very interesting to see and I definitely recommend you take a visit if you are in the area. 

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