We were born sick


Hello my loves,
Sorry I haven't been around too much recently and to be honest I have no excuse. I got rather overwhelmed with the sudden arrival of Christmas not to  long ago- somehow I missed a memo which means that  was (and still am) completely unprepared for Christmas. However, today saw the end of my school for 2014, a bittersweet feeling as I can honestly say 2014 has been the most magical year of my life. My close friends and I decided to head out on a day trip. 
I can't take credit for the camera however I took the majority of pictures.

Top- ASOS : Skirt- H&M : Coat- Primark : Shoes- New Balance

We went to Bricklane and Spittlefields (Wagamama duh.) In Bricklane I bought a jacket which my mother loaths, but that's the fun in fashion right, but I'm sure it will soon feature on my blog (or my instagram @lydia,james) with a pair of jeans and plain tshirt. 
Hope you liked these pictures as much as I did.

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Thank you so much