Like the cool kids


(top- Asos, skirt- Topshop, watch-Michael Kors, shoes- New Balance, jacket- Urban Outfitters)


 Who am I kidding, I don't play tennis.
Never the less, we thought it would be a really nice place to take pictures. It was the perfect winters day with a strong sun and a nice chill in the air. My outfit was judged by the many dog walkers who were all bundled in layers of jackets and scarfs but I had fun anyway. Winter vibes and all that.

I got a new camera for christmas and it's so pretty I just want to take pictures of it. Its a fuji film and it's so perfect for what I use it for and it just takes the nicest pictures- I love it. My watch was also a christmas present, it's Michael Kors and I have no clue what it is called.

January is officially the most uninteresting month of the year and to make it better I'm trying to plan things to look forward to, so far I am failing however I do have planed a Clean Bandit concert as well as London Fashion Week A/W so I can't complain too much.

Lets all just hibernate until April.

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Thank you so much