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I have been straightening my hair for about 5 years and for the past 2 years probably haven't had my hair natural for one or two days at most. However, I decided that this needed to change.
After watching an abundance of Youtubers talk about their 'curly hair journeys' and what products they recommend. After watching and reading hours of this I decided to do my own recommendations for those wanting to start to wear their hair natural.

1. Palmers Olive Oil formular- leave in conditioner £3.99
I purchased this online as I wanted a non-sticky leave in conditioner to nourish the ends of my hair, I try hard to focus a lot of my time on the ends of my hair as this is the oldest part of hair so likely to be the most damaged. I just spray it on the ends of my hair and avoid the roots as the olive oil would make them feel unclean. It is very nourishing and is a quick fix for dry days.

2. Umberto Giannini Curl Friends- Defining Mousse £5.50
I bought this from boots not too long ago as I had read online that it would ensure to define your curls without making your hair feel crispy {if you have curly hair you will have had the awfulness of this}. The can is also really pretty. I really like this mousse, as it is much better than many I've used before. It is lightly fragranced a light and unstick formula which you can definitely tell once it is in your hair. I really like this and cannot wait to try more of the range as it is all well priced and very highly rated.

3. Tigi Bed Head Ego Boost £7.50

I have had this product for years as I only apply a tiny bit to the fronts of my hair where my parting is to attempt to tame the fly-aways in that area. It is a nice constancy as it is quite watered down so does not sit on your hair. It can be a bit sticky however so I do not use too much to ensure the front of my hair still has the movement I like.

4. Superdrug style expertise curl cream £2.99

This is really good if you are on a budget, the creme is quite sticky and hold curls in well. It can leave hair a little crispy if too much is put in however it is still a good and usable product. It gives curls that hold well, ideal if you won't have time to touch up your curls throughout the day.

5. Palmer's Coconut Oil Formula Strong Roots Spray £3.50
I decided to buy this spray to moisturise my scalp as I started to find it was getting slightly dry which was really annoying and meant I had to be careful at how I was tying my hair up.
This was a stress I did not want so bought this on a whim in the supermarket and it turned out to be absolutely amazing. It smells really lovely due to the coconut oil in it and it does not grease your hair as it is so light. With a few spritzes and a quick scalp massage your scalp will be so soothed and it can also be applied all throughout the hair to freshen hair up.
I definitely recommend this as it will ensure healthy hair from the roots.

6.  Coconut oil £12 (Not in the image above)
Coconut oil is very well known as being an amazing nourisher for skin and hair due to the fatty acids in it. Once a week I warm up some and use it as a deep conditioner, applying it to the ends of my hair mainly before working it to the roots to nourish my scalp- I do this as the ends are the oldest so likely to be the most damaged. I then wash this out with a very gentle shampoo and it ensures my hair will be much more moisturised. 
I keep it in the fridge and only heat up the amount i'm using at the time and urge you to begin doing this as it it the deepest conditioner I have ever found.

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