Inclusivity in fashion


Fashion has always been seen as for an exclusive group. Whether it is about money limitations, class limitations or any other of the man social divides, there will always be some form of barrier stopping someone from accessing fashion.
In the present day, I truly see a limitation in clothing sizes.

Although things have developed rapidly over the past few years, especially with models such as Ashley Graham on the scene, they still have room to progress. Some shops still haven't made any attempt to try and widen their size ranges and I think it should be unacceptable. Shops labelling a UK size 12 as a large when it is still 2 sizes below a UK average.

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By labelling clothing is such a strict way, it is suggesting that children must fit unrealistic ideals, therefore developing the idea that they are not perfect from a very young age. Shops have a lot to answer for and need more encouragement by consumers as to change these habits.

Some shops I would like to call out for restricted sizes include:
-Pretty Little Thing
-Oh Polly
-Victoria's Secret

As you can see it is mainly cheaper female orientated fashion brands, ones that many of the youths buy. It is frustrating and embarrassing that in 2017 shops are still labelling a 14 as an XL.
What do you think about this issue?

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