Gold themed photoshoot


Hi again,

This week we were set the task to carry out a gold themed photoshoot. My partner, Steph, and I decided that we wanted to talk about the permanent attraction of gold and how people find it impossible to resist, linking slightly to the story of Midas who wished that everything he touched turned to gold. Although this seems like a good thing, it had downsides such as not being able to touch loved ones.

Our original idea was to have a collection of gold things and a single hand reaching to grab them. We decided to expand this idea slightly after having a look at Pintrest, deciding to add a golden triangle of wrapping paper to the background which set the line our arm would follow.

We were very pleased with our final images and how they turned out, we feel our message on the attraction of gold is very clear, this is highlighted again by the gold chain that is acting to drag the hand closer to the golden things. Here are a selection of the favourite images.

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Thank you so much