I was recently set a task to closely explore the colour gold and the positive or negative connotations around it. At first, my initial reaction was that gold is overused, tacky and just not that precious anymore. After some research, my opinion was changed slightly and I could see some beauty in gold too. Here are some of my favourite Pinterest images.

Precious Richness Expense Luxury Attraction
pinterest// vintagetravelin ❂✰ Spiral Marchesa fall 2016 RTW vogue Money-Saving Tips for Makeup Addicts #DontPayFull                                                                                                                                                      More

Tacky Gaudy Over-used Tired Cheap
Pinterest// tumblr Intagram// _evelyn0430_ Ill follow you guys back :)Boom! Bring forth the shine! 80s Hip-hop popularised the now iconic heavy gold chains for men and bamboo earrings for the sisters. Combined with a fly pair of three stripes and a Kangol hat, nothing says True School more.   Wanna be part of the action? Just book us, grab some of our props and get yourself some throwback photo strips at the best party you have ever had  #HipHopPhotoBooth E:

Soup of frecklesImage result for gold chain

Pinterest: @SebastianAlbery ← *♧*♧*♧*Image result for argos gold rings

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