Many people had told me that Brooklyn was an area I would love, away from the high maintenance side of Manhattan I was told that Brooklyn was a little rougher around the edges, with more grit and life to it. I knew we definitely had to visit and we planned to go on the Thursday of our trip.
We decided to go on the subway to get there, aiming to get off at Bergen Street station as we knew a few places in the area that we wanted to visit. Thankfully, to google maps, we managed to get on the correct train and arrived at our destination after a 15 minute journey. The subway was much different to what I am used to, the London underground, and it makes much more noise and it much shakier than the tube.

Once getting off the train we visited a makeup shop and a cafe named The Hungry Ghost that Danielle knew through a Youtuber she watched. From there we wondered around the area, popping into a few thrift shops en route and exploring the murals and artwork that we stumbled over. We were heading in a rough direction to the Century 21 outlet store but took many detours when a road looked interesting.

After already walking for what felt like miles we decided to keep going to the Brooklyn bridge. It was already dark so we got some absolutely amazing views of the skyline.

I really enjoyed our day in Brooklyn and think it showed a side to New York that you can't see in just Manhattan.

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