What is Britishness?


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In my recent project, I was comparing Cath Kinston to the idea of 'Britishness', doing so multiple times without ever really considering exactly what this 'Britishness' means. After being prompt to doing so by my lecturer, I have really been comparing the 'then' and 'now' of a British identity. 

I think Britain has never been able to shake the 1950's 'cheerio'stereotypes of Brits all being related to the queen somehow and all avid tea drinkers. I really think that Brits and Britain have changed, this was my argument on why no one rates Cath Kinston anymore. We are more diverse, more aware and much more travelled nowadays, we have all seen the world and the mix of diversity means that British culture no longer just 'white British' identity. 

Instead, when I meet people from other countries and they ask me about how it feels to be British, the queen and castles are no longer the first things I am asked about. Instead, they ask about the British Grime scene, street style fashions, Oxford Street and my accent. It feels like Britain now has earned its place, rather than when it just went to countries and demanded it. Grime especially has blown up in these past few years and is known internationally.
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I would definitely say I am proud to be British when it is put this way, when people talk about my British heritage I am very grateful for my background and the upbringing that being British has allowed me to have. That is why I get aggravated when people from other countries ask me about Kate Middleton's children as if I personally knew them (?)

I found that deeply considering the term "Britishness" really helped me into the context stage of my project, now I know my feelings on the term I could see how to develop this.

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