Exhibition Visit- North: Fashioning Identity


North: Fashioning Identity
At Somerset House

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Alice Hawkins, The Liver Birds

In the Summative Project, I was tasked with the Outcome of Lens. I selected to visit this particular exhibition as it focused on how fashion and photography can work together to capture the identity of the North of England. I was also immediately intrigued by the advertised image that featured on the advertisements, the image shown at the top of the page, had a beauty to it and also a level of intrigue about the beautiful women in such a rough setting. 

The exhibition featured fashion collections, art pieces, photography as well as documentary films and photography. This mix of documentary and art worked perfectly as both looked to capture the Northern English spirit and take on society. 
The main angle of the exhibition looked to seek what is meant of the North, there is no true line defining the North or South, so why is such a change in identity seen? 
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Tim Walker for British Vogue, August 2008

Ewen Spencer, 2000

"Gino's Coffee" (1969) by Eric Jaquier
Eric Jaquier, 1969

I found these images particularly powerful and they stood out from the exhibition to me, conveying images that are often seen from the North. The exhibition also featured short film and art pieces.

A still from a film that was being played

A locker showpiece, filled with some stereotypically North item

The end of the exhibition featured the social documentary, long commentary from many Northerners speaking of their childhood experience and how it was growing up in the North of England. Their stories were touching and the rooms layout made me want to stay longer to listen. The phone acted as headphones for the viewer to listen to.

The exhibition really aided my work towards the lens outcome I am to develop, giving me many new ideas and more inspiration to guide my idea generation. I definitely recommend visiting!

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