New York, New York!


The time finally arrived for my course trip to New York! There had been much talk about the shocking weather conditions in the area and the huge quantity of snow that was there just days before our arrival but thankfully the weather cleared up and our flight was not cancelled! There were over 100 of us heading over for the trip so the whole plane was full of FCP students and some poor other passengers who had to listen to our excitement for the whole flight.

We arrived in Newark airport late on the night of Monday the 8th, after a two and a half security crew we boarded the coach to our hotel titled The Wolcott, it had a great atmosphere and a really beautiful design that really interested me with the grandeur of it. We were exhausted after our days travelling so had a quick snack before getting into our beds.
The next days plan was to visit FIT for an introduction into the production and marketing of perfume.

 I will be posting regularly about what we get up to on our trip so keep your eyes peeled!

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Thank you so much