Using Lens as an outcome


The Outcome of Lens has been seen ever since the early invention of the camera and film. Back in the 1600s-1700s fashion was spread through sketched imagery, seen mainly in aristocracy where designers would use the sketches to aid their designs. These turned into early forms of magazines, as the sketches would be passed on as bundles of imagery intended to create sales for dressmakers. These developed into the early fashion magazines, one of which was Harpers Bazar, they were aimed at aristocracy and had a lot of information on the higher social classes. It was in the French paper La Presse that first allowed for paid advertising in 1836.

In terms of advertisement, the Pears’ soap company is said to be one of the frontrunners in imagery advertisements as they were some of the first to use catchy slogans along with imagery to sell their product. Another soap company also began the idea of using women to sexually sell products, using the female form to entice sales; this is seen still to this day in visual advertising of products and brands.
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In recent years, digital platforms have changed how the lens can be used in advertising. In social media, celebrity and influencers are seen using image to sell products, often their own or ones they have been sponsored to promote. In addition, even traditional forms of advertising such as billboards have become more innovative, using digital aspects to engage with the current consumer.
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What do you see as an effective form of advertisement?

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