Nike London Camapign


Nike have just released a huge new campaign titled 'Nothing Beats A Londoner', encapsulating London culture in a 3:09 advert. As a North Londoner, the minute I saw this advert it immediately spoke to me. From the opening bars of Shutdown played I was already excited, this may as well be Londons anthem (especially North London). The neon glow of the corner shop reminded me of many late nights shop runs and the music reminded me of so many nights out. 

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The ad was created by the agency Wieden & Kennedy London, they have created videos for some big players in the music scene such as Rihanna and Madonna so it is clear why Nike wanted to work with them on a highly music influenced campaign.

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Every part of London was represented, not only the grime scene but even the upper classes had a cameo on their boats on the thames. For those not from London, they still loved seeing such big grime stars have their moment on screen.

A really amazing ad!

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