Campaign Inspiration: From Kenzo to Car Brands


We were set the task to identify a campaign that we found innovative and that used shop space in a very different way. We only had 20 minutes to find one and my group found a Kenzo campaign that spoke about overfishing and how quickly the fish numbers are dropping. The space used was a shop front filled with digital fish tank­s, the fish count would increase with purchases of the campaign line (of which proceeds would go to charity) or with a social media post sharing the campaign hash tag.
My group analysed what made this campaign so interesting to us.

Image result for kenzo overfishing

Firstly, it combines an event with a charity and one that does mean a lot to people, this instantly meant that the campaign could attract more consumers to Kenzo as people who care about the message will want to get involved.
Secondly, it used space in an innovative way that wasn’t just about product. This made the message seem more true and honest. It also advertised its digital links well.

We were tasked to apply this campaign method to a completely different sector and my group were given the car sector.

I began trying to think of how to possibly combine the car industry with our found campaign and I began to think of issues that a car company might be interested in tackling. This made me think of air pollution, perhaps a car brand could launch a new 0 emissions car with a percentage of the sales going towards a charity that aims to tackle air pollution such as Friends Of The Earth.

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A good car brand could be one with a good range of electric cars already so that it does not seem to much of a stunt rather than just another step that they are taking towards environmental change. A brand such as Volkswagen does already have one of the top ranges of electric cars, although they have had scandals in the past few years of the brand hiding just how much emissions their cars do produce so perhaps another popular brand such as BMW who had big success with the electric car, i3, may be more suitable.

EThis would encourage car lovers as well as the environmentally conscious to consider purchasing the car. It would allow for a campaign launch that would focus on the huge effects air pollution has and that this car will not contribute to this issue. Billboards, TV adverts, radio adverts and magazine adverts would all be produced too showing the campaign.

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