Hyper-Sexualisation in the perfume market


If anyone can tell me how this image sells perfume I would honestly be grateful.

Since exploring the sector of perfume deeper it has shocked me just how overtly sexual some of the advertisements that brands put out, overtly sexual to a very uncomfortable degree. Women are often dressed scantily or not dressed at all whilst men are often seen to be in the dominant position in the imagery. Why are we showing this awful gender imbalances in a perfume advert? and why do they all seem to be inspired by Fifty Shades of Grey?


Although a little sexual, this advert for Gucci Envy is tame compared to some others shown below. The image is highly suggestive, with the smokey eye and longing look its also very cliche but definitely still a shock from the major finger sucking.

This image by Dolce & Gabbana I actually find offensive. Who told them that this was a good idea?! A woman pinned to the floor surrounded by 5 oiled up men is just suggesting something awful rather than even sexual. I will never understand how brands don't see such imagery as harmful, telling men it is okay to pin a woman on the floor because he saw it in his mums glossy magazine or telling a woman that their place is on the floor under a man. A big no no from me D&G.

Tom Ford really takes this sexual imagery to the next level. Using a woman's body as a background to display his new perfume, labelled largely 'FOR MEN', not even subtly suggesting that a woman's body is for me. Poor taste, poorly done and thank god it got banned in most publications because to be honest it is pretty disgusting.

My group and I were completley put off from the sexual and lustful side of the perfume industry, instead we have decided from the get go that we wanted to completely reinvent the majority market, instead we have decided to look at what we like to label 'the forgotten consumer

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