Influential Youtubers You Should Get to Know


1. Emma Tamsin

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Emma is a plus size youtuber who does the best hauls I have ever seen. Her style is edgy with some street inspiration but she also would wear some lovely dresses and skirts. Her 'I don't give an f attitude' is so catchy and watching her videos always remind me that if I feel confident, I can wear anything.

2. Amber Scholl

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Amber is the queen of beauty on a budget. Her channel has grown hugely over the past few years but she still makes some great content that really supports the idea of DIY over expensive purchases. In addition, she has just featured on Kim K's app doing a makeup tutorial so I'm sure her platform will only keep growing.

3. Taylor R

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Taylor R is a Hong Kong based Youtuber who vlogs her life being a model abroad. Originally from Canada, she moved for work and now lives with her Hong Kongese boyfriend in his home area. Her work is so interesting and is very inspiring to live abroad and attend the fashion events she gets to see.

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