Historical Taste Makers


In a recent seminar we were talking about the effect of history on current society and trend, especially about past socialites and celebrity. I found the whole seminar fascinating and decided to look into a historical taste maker per decade to see how their effect has lasted throughout the years and so I could easier spot references that current designers may refer to.


How could it be anyone other than Coco Chanel. She was the definition of timeless glamour and beauty, going on to create a huge trends and an Empire, Chanel.

Vivien Leigh 1930s fashion icons

Known best for her role in Gone With The Wind, Vivienne Leigh was gorgeous and amazingly dressed. I adored the gowns she wore, she really represented 'Old Hollywood' amazingly.


Grace Kelly, The Princess of Monaco dressed lavishly, always seen with some gorgeous diamonds and a ballgown. She wore loads of gorgeous silhouettes that I wish were still popular today because they were so flattering.

Christion Dior 1950s fashion moments

Who else could feature for the 1950's rather than the designer Christian Dior who literally redefined how women dressed almost single handedly, creating what was called 'The New Look.' This new shape was so unlike those before it, a radical shift from a time of rationing where this amount of material per outfit would have been hard to get your hands on.

1960s fashion
Supermodel Twiggy became the face of the 60's. Her haircut, the pixie cut, going down in history next to her name. She modelled for all the big designers at the time, including Mary Quant, and her face will forever be considered as the definition of the 60's, especially those thick lashes!

1970s fashion moments

Cher's hair, looks and attitude is what makes her such a taste maker to me. Her 'I don't care' attitude with the long sleek hair was such a staple of the time. Every outfit had a nod to the 70's 'hippy flower power' movement meets high glamour too.

Madonna eighties 1980s fashion

For me, and my mum too, Madonna's 80's style will always be in. The messy ponytails, large scrunches and tutus ensured she became the queen of pop for the next 30 years. Her look was fun and will forever be the definition of 80's fashion.

Image result for 1990 spice girls

The beginning of the 'girl power' movement came with The Spice Girls. Each had a different look and represented a different girl but together created such great songs and looks that still are on trend now. I grew up when these girls had just broken up but knew their music and fashion so well.

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