Oppidan Outcomes


This week we have come to the end of our group project that we've been working on over the past few months. My group's brand was called Oppidan and we developed a story of it being a streetwear style fragrance brand, our products were 2 portable fragrance cards that could fit in wallets, pockets and small bags, one titled 10am for day time and one titled 10pm more suited for evening use.
This was our mocked up product:

We were given an opportunity to have a studio shoot with a professional photographer, talked about more in detail in my previous blog post. This was a great experience for us and the photos came out amazingly, we were really pleased with their simplicity and it gave us a lot of opportunity for some really cool post production. We also conducted a second shoot around Nottingham to collect some more Urban inspired images as well as some short clips to work into our presentation. In addition to these, one group member conducted a photoshoot of her flat mate around Lace Market in Nottingham, NG1. This was a really important area to us because we felt like our shop would fit in perfectly around this particular area. We edited these so they worked as promotional images for our Instagram and website.

We created a poster that we planned to flypast and post in bus stop advertising too. We decided to do this as we felt our consumers would see this the most as they are young and would use public transportation over their own cars.

We also mocked up a store front that we planned would be placed in Lace Market, NG1. The shop would also double as event space where we planned to hold our opening launch parties. The 10AM launch party would include the fragrance drop as well as a range of creative workshops ran by industry professionals. The 10PM even would be based on performances by artists that we see as aligning with our brand.

We were really pleased with our final outcomes and of the brand we created in general. We had some really great feedback from our lecturers and were even chosen to present at an industry panel in front of our course, it was great to see our work paid off!

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Thank you so much