Fashion Film: Gucci Pre-fall


During the summer many of the big fashion houses bought out their new season campaigns. I saw the Business of Fashion's top summer fashion film list the Gucci fall campaign as the number one campaign bought out in summer, I decided to watch it for myself to see if it lived up to the hype.

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I loved the energy and life in this video. From the very first shot, there is an excitement that rises with the soulful music. The clothes are all beautiful and detailed, the shoes especially although they do look a tad out of place in the 'working class' Northern Soul scene they were trying to emulate.

I do however feel slightly unsettled as I watched the video. The majority of the cast were black, this would be a brilliant success in terms of colour equality in the big fashion houses however Gucci have before been slated for 'white washing' and using white majority models on their catwalks. The Youtube comments did agree that it felt as if Gucci used a part of black culture just to sell their clothes. They used black models just to create an 'edgy' fashion film before just going back to their usual antics of ignoring black people all together.

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I understand completely wanting to celebrate a culture that you're not born into, and I think that celebration is always welcome. However, my doubts are due to the fact that Gucci is not known to usually be so celebratory. I just cannot shake the feeling that Gucci used all the gorgeous models as tools to calm any usual uproar about their all white casts.

What is your opinion on this? Do you think I am being too sensitive?


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