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This week in FCP we were talking about how brands may appeal to individuals based on their demographic, behaviours and attitudes. This had us thinking about what brands best suit us as consumers and brands that perhaps do not appeal so much due to our personal attitudes and values. Upon thinking about why I like these brands I do see how my values are deeply ingrained into my likes and dislikes.

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I see Clinique as one of the best brands to shop for skincare, although it is quite expensive it has a great range that always leaves your skin feeling and looking great. The products always have a very clean and natural design which translates completely into their products. In addition, I find their advertisements to appeal to all demographic groups which makes me want to support them further.

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I see Asos as a brilliant and innovative brand. Asos is one of the brands that is always ahead of the trends, their own brand clothing is well made and well designed. For me, it is my go to place as the next day delivery for a years subscription is well priced and has never let me down.
My personal favourites from the website are jeans, they are stronger and better made than the Topshop Joni jean so are definitely a wardrobe stable. I also like their going out dresses, I purchased my prom dress from Asos and many party dresses too. The shop is highly inclusive and has a tall, petite, curve and maternity section which allows them to widen their audience. It also appeals to me deeply as a tall girl as most other brands ignore anyone who doesn't fit their norm.

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Urban Outfitters
This may be one of the most controversial dislike, people often act like I've personally offended them however I find UO to be one of the most overhyped and gentrified brands which are out there. They take classic items such as PE shorts, triple the price and act like they are vintage. The clothes are flimsy and the whole appeal of the shop is based off of their 'edginess.' In reality, I believe their designers just have a good grasp of street styles as they are simply selling what the majority of teens have been wearing beforehand. Sorry if this personally offended you but you needed to hear it.
The store has also many controversial designs such as this university sweatshirt featuring bloodstains, this is referring to the shooting which happened there back in 2007

What is your opinion of the mentioned shops?

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