Pantone Colour of the year 2018


Today, the industry's leading source of colour information, Pantone, announced their colour of 2018. 

Ultra Violet

I was personally surprised by the choice of colour that Pantone chose, although through reading the information on the colour I completely support their choice. Pantone describe the colour, Ultra Violet, as an innovative and inspiring colour that has been seen in artists such as David Bowie and Prince. They also link it to its historical context, the colour is seen in mindful practices and is often seen in meditation spaces. Furthermore, the colour is reflective of the night sky which as itself is a metaphor for hope or possibilities.
Some of Pantone's past colours includes a green shade, a pink shade and a blue shade so the deep purple is a stark change from the few years previous. The past colours appear dull or pale in comparison to 2018's deep purple. 

I am very excited to see how shops interpret Pantone's colour choice as I believe it will cause a rise in products available in this daring shade, especially for autumn/winter. The metallic features also guarantees that the shade can shine in the beauty industry through bright lips and shiny eyelids.


What do you think of Pantone's choice?

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