Photoshoot: She



Our task this week was all about the final outcomes of the FCP process, the outcome is the final product once we have followed all the steps up to that. This was the final week my group would be working together so we were excited to put all out work to a final conclusive end. 
The project was to plan a photoshoot based on the 5 key words we identified from the Trans-Siberian express vogue shootAuthentic, Exploration, Intimate, Perspective, Enigmatic.
After sourcing 5 key words, we created a series of images focused on the idea of the lens. Our images have an aspect of realism, following the female subject through an unclear but unsettling narrative- evoking a question for the viewer. Who is she waiting for? What is happening?  Who is behind the lens? 
The images have an untouched and very natural manipulation, used only to enhance the pictures to their full quality. This coupled with the use of a location and natural lighting makes the image appear completely authentic, using the model’s house allowed for this too. The light and smooth colouring gives the images a harmony that is at times contrasted with the harsh, intense black tones.
The fashion accessory featured was jewellery, we used this in a very subtle and understated way so it didn’t overpower or become the key theme of the image.  This went along nicely with the laid back styling and dark clothing so that the images were more about the overall theme.
The images convey themes of nostalgia, intimacy and also perspective.­­
We received some really positive feedback for the project and I thoroughly enjoyed working with my group through each stage towards this final outcome.

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Thank you so much