The Diet Prada Effect


I am a huge fan of the Instagram account (now insta verified) Diet Prada.

The anonymous account calls out fashion issues such as fashion copycats and ethical issues in the fashion community, naming and shaming very publicly any brands or persons who have been seen as doing wrong. It has got them into heat with many people in the industry however, arguments often kick off in the comments section as brands lash back, unhappy with the negative critique put out about them.

I do adore the account, I think that everything they are saying seems more than fair. There is inspiration and then there is straight plagiarism and some of the comparisons they post are almost identical. They know their stuff about fashion and about brands and are not afraid to show it.
As the account themselves put it;

“When it’s from a place of love (and credited) its inspiration. If you’re trying to keep the reference quiet and cash in off of someone else’s proven success, then you’re into theft territory.” 
@diet_prada for

Gucci have been one of their most serial offenders, from stealing patterns, designs and logos from many smaller brands. It has also been  huge few years for Gucci so the stolen designs have obviously been doing them well, but thankfully they have to deal with the embarrassment of Diet Prada outing them to their 250K followers. They even invited Diet Prada to do an Instagram Takeover for them, to spot the references of their new collections. This transparency is all that consumers and the account ask for.

I believe the account is reflective of the society we live in now, we are self-policing and stopping injustice where we see it. If @diet_prada was not calling out the copycats, who would? Would brands be less careful with their copied designs and campaigns? I'm grateful that with Diet Prada around we won't have to know.

Keep up the great work! It's like a modern day Gossip Girl,

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Thank you so much