Photographer of the month: Chloe Sheppard


 Chloe Sheppard is a young photographer and visual artist based in London. Her work is generally dream-like portraits of girls similar in age to her with shallow depths of field and lots of cool tones however I am most interested in her work titled ‘The chamber of reflection.’ She states that she wanted to celebrate her own emotional tie to her bedroom through asking other teenage girls as it reflects our own personalities and interests.

The exploration into teenager’s bedrooms recognises the emotional and deeper link which teens have with their bedrooms, to most it is the only property of which is truly their own. By including their items in the rooms Sheppard is showing a lot more than just their physical identities, instead capturing how they project themselves into their environment. Her work is a personal investigation as she selected the topic of bedrooms as she saw importance in this is one way teenagers are allowed to express themselves. From the photographs which they choose to display or the furniture they choose, it all links back to their personality. Sheppard saw the importance in this and decided to investigate it. 

I selected Chloe Sheppard as her work reflects her own identity and securities into portraiture, stating that through capturing the beauty of women around her to represent her ideal self. That’s why all photos are of women, as she relates their beauty to her own. Her own photography is something she is good at and that claims a lot of attention so rather than photographing herself, she takes skilled photos of others to represent her self-importance.

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