Norbert Schoerner and the Trans-Siberian Express


This week I was set a new project, to translate visual images into words that I will later use as inspiration for my own photo shoot. The shoot my group was given was by Norbert Schoerner and was part of an editorial titled “Trans-Siberian Express,” published in Vogue, 2005.

Norbert was born in Germany although works internationally. He was well praised particularly for his narratives that are present in his work. His aesthetics have been celebrated as well as his adaption to new forms of technology such as 360o virtual reality.

Our given editorial, ‘Trans-Siberian Express,’ used the journey as its muse, the train became to key location for the shoot and the shoot acted as a documentation of the journey from Russia to Shanghai. It was also accompanied with some words of the man behind the lens, it appeared as if he was in love or almost infatuated with the model. It created a set of romantic, intimate yet rebellious images. It as if the model does not fit into the trains location, seen through some modern clothing in older environments and sexually suggestive outfits.


The over all photo shoot is mainly muted colours with authentic and seemingly non-fabricated scenes. It appears almost of stills of a film about a couple on the run from the police, almost as a Bonnie and Clyde type story. 

We summed up the photoshoot in 5 words:
Authentic, Exploration, Intimate, Perspective, Enigmatic.

What do you think?

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