Victoria's Secret: Can We Be Over it Now?


When I think of Victoria's Secret, I instantly have negative connotations of the brand.
We were asked to think about our opinion of the brand in a recent lecture and my instant opinion of the name is dislike. In recent weeks Victoria's secret have made many headlines and most of the press has not been positive. The models, creative directors and the brand as a whole has received a lot of hate over the past few months as the yearly fashion show was coming around.

From the way we would analyse it on my course, you have to admit that they have a great integrated integrated marketing campaign. They have a strict brand image that, although I may not support it, they are true to. Their fashion show is a huge event that draws in the media and millions of viewers. Digitally, they use their own platforms and their models platforms to promote themselves and the fashion show. They have even crossed into Print before where the Victoria's Secret Angels have modelled for Vogue. Their stores are known to be experiences with customers returning to see the wings they have on display and shop at the same time. VS cross nearly every platform and it is understandable how they have such a big following.

Image result for victoria secret bond street
The Victoria's Secret Bond Street store

However, I just feel like VS is not at all current and is stuck about 10 years behind. The whole narrative of the supermodels being the 'perfect women' is very opposite from the rest of the industry who have taken a more 'body confident' narrative to their brands. This shows how all women and men don't have to conform to the completely unrealistic 'angel figure.' Especially with studies that link media portrayals of women to higher rates of eating disorders. I was extremely surprised that they hadn't introduced Ashley Grahame to the cast or at least some slightly differing models. The brand have faced controversy for ads such as the one below where they basically suggest anyone over a size 4 isn't the 'perfect body.'

In addition, the last fashion show has been critiqued as being highly insensitive to many cultures. One of the first was in 2012 where they sent model Karlie Kloss down the runway in a copy of a Native American headdress. This was an obvious faux pas on their part and possibly would have been forgiven but it has happened time and time again, the creative team must either be oblivious or blind to their wrongdoings.
Image result for karlie kloss cultural appropriation Image result for victoria secret 2017 cultural appropriation

In conclusion, I have to say that I see more negatives than positives with the brand. I see the narrative as old and the lingerie itself as overpriced. I personally like to support brands that make me feel good before I've even purchased the products through their brand messages. Perhaps with a reshape of their creative team the company could seem more inclusive however they have stuck with the exclusive narrative for so long I'm sure they will continue that way.

What is your opinion on Victoria's Secret?

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